Saturday, December 8, 2012

What My Stock Pile Looks Like

Note: No shelves were cleared in the making of this stockpile. Just incase you were wondering...

Just a few months ago, our freezer was bare. I mean seriously bare. 

Our shelves weren't much more full than that either. 7 boxes of cereal and a few ketchup... not much of a stock pile at all. 

But we had a garden, two pigs, and a bunch of chickens.
And, between the splurges of late, learning to get free stuff (by stacking coupons), and the recent Shoppers Drug Mart Mega Redemption Event, our freezer and shelves look much better... 

The Freezer

Tomatoes from the garden,
beef exchanged for the chickens 
Doesn't translate well in a picture, but
there are chickens and a pig in here.
There is also some beef we traded for
chickens, and some bacon, fish and bread found on sale.

 Most items were .99 or less, except for Tampons.
Had to pay $2/pk for those. 
Some items like some of the stayfree,
the Playtex tampons, and shave gel, were free. Yay!

Stored under the stairs, it's neither attractive nor easily organized. But that stack of Puffs is about a year supply of tissue, and cost about .50/box on avg. Most were .35, some were .85... 

And, let's not forget about the pantry part of the stock pile... 

Sure, it's not like some people's stock pile... but I'm super excited about our progress.

I guess my goal is to have an adequate supply of most everything so that I can make it from sale to sale on most items. I'd really like to not need to buy groceries every week. I'd really like to shop ONLY sales, not needing anything.

What are your stockpiling goals? 


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