Saturday, March 23, 2013

On Going Natural in the Kitchen - an Update

I mentioned my intent to go more natural in the kitchen, and thought I'd check in with you about how it went.

I tried the homemade Cream of Chicken Soup, and it was tasty! (Here's the original post that has the recipe)

I used one of the soups in a Shepherd's Pie dish, and the other is in the freezer for next time. 
(don't ask about the spray bottles... I was going to use them for natural hairspray but changed my  mind. But I don't want to confess that to you, so just don't ask, K? Thanks.) 

After doing a bit of looking for natural options, I soon found myself doing two things: 

1) drowning in the deep, dark realization that I haven't even SEEN the tip of the iceburg that is  'healthy living'

2) deciding to start somewhere anyway. 

So I started with something that bugs me. Hairspray. I hate the idea that I'm inhaling a cloud of chemicals every week. That can't be good!! Then I thought of the chemicals I'm putting on my hair and body, and decided to reduce them. 

Last Week's Healthy Living Action Steps:
('cuz this thing is only happening one reasonable, attainable step at a time.)
  1. Getting StonedAnother place I'm uncomfortable putting chemicals, is on freshly shaven armpits. I switched back to the natural stone deodorant this week. It's $4 (not the .49 I can get with a coupon) but I'm willing to pay now. Here's an interesting piece on different methods of deodorizing, different products, and also different opinions about why deodorants / antiperperants are healthy.
  2. Facial Nudity

    Well... almost. I've been going without eye shadow and liner for awhile. But I started leaving my foundation alone too. It's a little scary to be all face-naked ... I worry people will see my laugh lines and start offering me the senior discount whether I'm in my thirties or not...
    But this is no-chemicals-on-my-face time.  Well... like I said, almost. I can't leave the mascara alone yet.  In time...
  3. Threw the 'Poo
    Washing hair with just baking soda and water or... *gasp* JUST water. Here's the separate post on how that went.
I'm not ready to set goals for the next few weeks... I'm still reeling with all the information I'm taking in on Raw Eating. (have you heard of this? It's basically Veganism times 100. At least that's how it feels on this side of it.) I'm interested in this uber-healthy way of eating, but feel a thousand miles away from any decent progress.

So I'll just sit here for awhile and try to figure out my first step.  ... which might be buying a dehydrator... ;)

What are some steps you've taken recently toward healthier living? 


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