Thursday, March 21, 2013

Decor on a Dime - Painting Baskets

Our house needs help. Decor help.
And it needs to be cheap  -  or, better yet, free. (my favorite price)

Here's the before: 

We've got a nice start. Dark woods, browns and blues,
even an antique chair in the corner and an old suitcase
on the piano to hold books. But it still needs... something.

A decor-savvy friend - after patiently listening to my strange descriptions - informed me that the look I'm going for is shabby-chic. Ah. I've heard of that. 

First tip she gave me was to whitewash my existing seagrass baskets white.  
Here's how we did it: 

Mixing Paint 
I mixed whatever white paint I had, with water. About half-half.
The paint I had on hand happened to be primer and paint in one.

Dab It On
With sponge brushes (on hand), we dabbed on paint.
It dried lighter than this...  

 Child Labour

 My little artist adores painting. She worked so carefully, 

and did a great job. Thanks cutie!

Here's How it Looks:



I also white washed an old ladder I had kicking around.
Works well as a blanket holder.  The whitewashed basket
holds our library books, and an old rice sac became a
rustic pillow case. 
The white washed basket holds our school books. I love the
contrast against dark wood. And the piano is dressed in all
kinds of antique loveliness - an old suitcase to hold my
favorite reads, an old radio, and a lantern. I just love old stuff.

Thanks, my decor-savvy friend, for this fabulous idea! I love it.

Next... I plan to take your window treatment advice. Instead of curtains like I had planned (mostly because that's just what to put on windows...) antique-looking shutters are next!

Check out the shutters here (scroll to the bottom pictures) (and her tutorial on how to make them!!) to see what I mean. I can see that looking pretty great in our place!

What are some decor on a dime ideas you've used? 


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