Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Gluten Free Week 1 - A Few Lessons for Newbie

Week one on the Gluten Free kick has taught me a few things. 

Like compassion. 

I didn't think giving up bread was going to be a big deal. Especially if I can buy gluten free bread. How hard could it be?  

Turns out gluten-free bread is quite different. Dense. Salty. Kinda... corn-mealy. It's possible that I made it wrong, and it is actually supposed to be fluffier. But so far I'm not loving the gluten free bread, and eat it only when I really, really want bread. Which has been several times this week...

Bottom line, if I had to make this switch forever, it would be an adjustment. I can understand a little bit why people say it's difficult. So, if I'm gaining a tiny bit of understanding about another person, that's already a win. 

Also learned that wheat (includes 'malt') is in alot of stuff.  
It's even in soya sauce! (which I used anyway)

Best of all, I learned that my symptoms are likely not linked to gluten so much as aspartame. I was not happy to learn this. Gluten-free is doable. Not my favorite, but doable. But to rid my life of diet coke is a whole other story. Actually, the whole aspartame thing is a whole other story. So I'll share that another time. For now, I'm glad to know that these symptoms can be managed by my food and drink choices. 
I still plan to go forward with the 30 Gluten Free days, but will also be cutting out aspartame. 

What diet changes have you made? Did you find them difficult?



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