Saturday, August 24, 2013

We Made Our Own Pasta! (and averted a pasta crisis too)

My sister and I joined forces to tackle pasta making. Armed with a pasta machine and our handy dandy recipies, we were ready.  Or so we thought.

Good news first. Ta-da!! 
(Doesn't my sis take great photos?)
Here's what our Tomato Pasta and Spinach pasta ended up looking like. Beautiful fettuccine nests, no?

We weren't sure we would make it that far though. Having never done this before, we made a few mistakes. On the first run through the machine, our dough looked more like pemmican or beef jerky. The reddish color didn't help appearances...

Eww, right? We were worried... 
We immediatly fled the room in search of YouTube help. This video saved our pasta! (And as a bonus, it was professional, informative, and amusing) We returned newly informed, and our pemmican turned right back to dough. Amazing.

All better! 
We found our dough was too thick to go through the pasta machine (which we didn't know was what made it look all weird and bubbly). We rolled it out, folded it, rolled it again, and then put it through the machine. That worked much better.

Apparently technique really does matter.  And timing.  And the way you knead. And the setting on the machine... everything I guess.

And now we have homemade pasta!

Have you ever attempted homemade pasta? What kind, and how did it go?


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  1. Tomato Pasta! Delicious. So glad it worked! and, it looks good on my shelf too :)



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