Friday, May 28, 2010

Christmas Shopping - Cheap & Early!

Christmas shopping already? You bet! At garage sales and thrift stores? Oh yeah!

I do buy some things new - basically my husband and children will receive 'pre-owned' gifts. But new stuff is also available at garage sales for a fraction of retail price!

Here's what I've got so far:
For Hubby:
Books                                                   ~ $1.00
For the Kiddos:
Personalized Disney books, 1 each          FREE
Thomas The Train DVD                            $1.00
Book - "Green Eggs and Ham"                  $0.50

Stocking Stuffers
New Neon Bendy Pens                            $0.25 ea
New Snowman Candy Bags                     $0.25 ea

Miscellaneous Gifts:
Blurt (pre-owned game)                           $5.00
New Spa Basket (lotions, salts, etc)         $1.00

I know, it's a bit risky to post exactly what I plan to give people for Christmas ... but by December who's gonna remember a silly little post from 7 months before?  I figure I'm pretty safe :)


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  1. I love that! I am looking forward to garage saling this year... if I can (it's hard with two kiddos... I'll be needing to use the sleepy wrap and the stroller at the same time). I love to repurpose things too! If I can refinish something, that counts as a 'new' item, so to speak! :)


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