Saturday, June 26, 2010

KcMuffin - The Healthy, Homemade Alternative

I may not have confessed this to you yet ... mostly because then I would then become accountable, but I want to eat healthier. Fewer chemicals and 'food-like substances', and more actual food.  I have to confess, that's a scary idea - it's completely opposite of my current lifestyle or any lifestyle I've ever lived. I know nothing different.  It would mean reconsidering soda, iced tea, convenience foods like Mac & Cheese, weiners, store bought crackers, chips, etc etc. I mean - what's left???  It might be comparable to telling you that you may no longer comb your hair. Ever. Never again.  Scary.

BUT - anyway, I found a bunch of cool, funny, helpful video recipes. Here's one for a "KcMuffin" - homemade.   ... please excuse the size - I don't know how to adjust it :)

Nice. I'm lovin' it!

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