Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Organizing Drawers - Before and After

As I strive toward some sort of organized existence, I discover many nooks that suddenly appear disheveled. Whether one is naturally organized or messy, it seems to always needs redoing.

I heard a great little story once -  "A farmer knows and accepts that his job involves dealing with poop. He expects to daily deal with poop. This is farming. What kind of farmer would, in his right mind, expect to go in, clean the barn good and proper and then expect it to stay that way? What kind of farmer would expect to deal with all the poop in a day, and never have to do it again?"

And yes, I seriously used my drawer like this. Don't ask me why.
So, here's one picture of one moment in time where I had a messy drawer and cleaned it up. I do not promise, nor do I expect it to stay this way.  ... I want it to, I'll try to, but most certainly it just won't. Oh well ... more pics for you then!

Here's the after. Yay. All better.  ... for now :)

(Notice the insane amounts of bar soap in the drawer now? Good ole half price soap. I bought a boat load. .. .a small boat, but still.)

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