Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Strolls

Here are some great finds ... in the form of links!

Thinking of homeschooling? Don't know how to manage the cost? Check out this great post from The Happy Housewife: "Save Money on Homeschool Curriculum"

I have been collecting tins - from iced tea, cocoa, etc - to use for crafty gifts. I thought I might wrap them in pretty paper and fill them with candied popcorn ... then I saw this great idea to make a Kitchen Utensil Holder out of them. It's crafty, and ... yay ... there are pictures to illustrate technique! Check it out here at Blessings Overflowing! 

Ever wonder how to avoid paying exorbitant amounts of money on toys? (especially considering many of them break right away...) Or maybe you're just wondering what crafty thing you can do that your kids would enjoy? Check out this crafty Home Made Donut Shop at Frugal Family Fun

Here's a great organizing idea - how to reuse your tins to either organize (Bargain Blondie), or as a plastic bag dispenser (House of Grace). Thanks ladies!



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