Friday, June 11, 2010

Shopping 50% Off Bins

These are the beautiful pink 50% off stickers that seem to be more prevalent in Superstore these days. Aren't they gorgeous?

Their 50% off bins on last week's shopping trip included....

NN Iced Tea
Nestle Chocolate Chips
NN Glace Fruit Mix (for fruit cake)
Coffee filters (not pictured) - found them a week ago.  ... why they'd mark down coffee filters I don't know. It's not as though they'll expire ...

The Yogurt didn't have a pretty pink sticker, but it was only $1 each. One dollar?!? yes please ... I'll take 3!

Is this a new thing Superstore and Extra Foods are doing across Canada? Here in Steinbach, they sure are putting out alot of stickers lately ...

But, I'm a bit cautious with Extra Foods - they're tricky with discount produce. I bought a bag of apples at "50% off". Yes, it was half the cost of a regular bag of apples, but it was half of an inflated cost, and I only got half a bag anyway! ... even with the sticker, I totally over paid for those sad, bruised apples.  ... just saying. I'm a bit more careful now :)

All that to say there are some excellent deals in those discount bins. Don't be ashamed to shop in them :)
Happy Shopping!

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  1. I love the discount bins. What I REALLY love is when they mark down toys and games that have been in their stock for too long... got a number of things for 25% or 50% off (most of those things are 25%, but still, $5 is $5). Saving money is so much fun!


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