Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our Willows... My Exercise Program

Each spring, I delve into a sporadic work-out I like to think of as ... well, I don't have a name for it.  
But it's basically me pushing, pulling and shoving many many many Willow sticks across an acre of yard to a central pile. 

The exercise program may or may not impact my long term cardiac health or overall endurance, but does yield short term yard improvement.  ... the brevity of such cleanliness literally fluctuates as the wind blows.

The impact of this workout also fluctuates according to how much of the yard I get to...

this photo represents about a third of the yard...

... here's another small bit ... 

This is the first time though, I smiled and thanked God for the yard work around here. It's partly the novelty of spring, yes ... but also gratitude for God having brought us back here. We moved back after a year away and love it. It's smaller, further from town, older and all that, but it's exactly where we belong. It's amazing that God knew all along that this is home for us, and that He'd lead us back here. 

He's so right. This is home!  

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