Friday, August 24, 2012

Week 7: How It's Awesome, and Tweaking the Rules

Welcome to Week 7 of the Feeding Four on $50 Challenge!

We're doing it, and we're still alive!!!  



Here's How It's Been Awesome So Far: 

I've Lost Weight.

  That was not the plan, but definitely a fun bonus! Snack foods don't make it onto the shopping list much. There's no room!! So we're left with healthy snacks. Carrots, apples with peanut butter, homemade granola bars, pita crisps and crackers...  In the end, I am either  not hungry enough to choose those things, or I am and end up eating healthy.  (Less eating and fewer calories when I do)  Woo!

Proving the Theory Wrong. 

  I believed the theory that eating healthy is expensive (translated, impossible for the poor). Healthy foods   are more expensive than junk, but I now know that on a limited budget, it CAN be done! It's absolutely possible! We enjoy meat, milk, cheese, fruits, vegetables, and all on a daily basis. Plus, we continue to purchase fair trade coffee and sugar (which is more expensive), and it still works. I love disproving myths.  Well... maybe it's being right that I love ;)

Kids are Eating Well - And Liking It!! 

  They're learning to eat new foods, and complaining less and less over time. They don't adore vegetables  and I still end up hiding alot of them BUT they're learning. It's happening. The foundation for a lifetime of good and healthy eating habits is beginning. And that's awesome! 

I'm Developing Discipline

  This kind of challenge requires huge amounts of regular planning - schedule,  money and meal planning - and sticking to the plan even when it's inconvenient or hard. (Ironic that I'm then changing the plan a bit I suppose...) But I hope this discipline continues and also spreads to other areas of life.  ... like homeschooling, parenting, and my walk with God.

Changing the Rules (just a bit)...

Excluding Pet Food

      Awesome as the challenge has been, we'll change a couple things. It's been rough on some members  of the family to limit milk and meat intake. If we exclude pet food from the $50/week, that could be a little more free-flowing. Sounds fair...  

Excluding Liquor

     Because once in a while, it would be nice to enjoy a drink together. ... and that won't happen when included in the $50/week. So we'll change that... 

Stocking Up
    Given the new rules, I may decide to set aside $5-10 as I can, for stocking up on great deals. Most of the time I can't take advantage of super sales and great coupons unless I happen to need it that week. My non-existent stock pile will not grow at this pace. And taking advantage of sales is a  major part of saving money!!! (Plus it's super fun!!) I can't stand missing that anymore!! I've got to allocate something. We'll see how much is practical... 

Anyway, there's a bit of an update :)

Meal plan and shopping list to follow! 



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